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How to run Mobile Java Applications on PC?

Java mobile softwares are light, fast and easy to use. Usually we download many kinds of java softwares for our phone such as audio player, file manager, calculator, calendar, ebook reader, games and so on especially mobile web browsers like OperaMini, UC Web and Bolt Browser. Though these all are built only for java mobile phones, we can use these also for PC. JAR (Mobile Applications) files never run directly on PC. So what, we can use third party tools to run JAR files on PC. All you need to do is described step by step below.

1. Download and install the latest version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from Java (Download JRE by clicking here).

2. Download Micro-Emulator 2.0.4 or above and extract the ZIP archive (Download Micro-Emulator by clicking here).

3. Double click on “microemulator.jar” to run the Emulator.

4. Simply drag any .jar mobile application and drop onto the Emulator. Click on “Start” and your application will launch within a single second.

You can open mobile web browsers (Operamini) on PC through the Emulator. Certainly, mobile web browsers are time and bandwidth efficient and thus you can save your both money and time also.

It’s very simple. Have fun and experience a new thing.

How to edit Class files of Java Applications?

Source files in the Java programming language are usually compiled into machine-readable class files and these have a .class file extension.You can edit .class files and develop java applications using ClassEditor (Download it by clicking here). Its a totally free java utility tool. You can easily open class file binaries, view or modify their internal structure or portions. You will need Java Runtime Environment to run it (Download it by clicking here).